Welcome to Packard's Martial Arts.

Please visit us in our new location at

185 Research Dr.

Milford, Ct 06460

Packard's Martial Arts wishes to extend the warmest welcome. My name is Scott Packard. I am the owner and teacher of The Packard's Martial Arts. There is 30 years of martial arts experience behind me. 25 years of teaching the arts. I have worked with great people, mostly parents, who have taught me the ways of teaching. I cannot say that I am perfect at this field because I am forever learning. What I can tell you is this, I will do my best to make the martial arts a wonderful experience for you and your children. You won't be a number. You will be a person treated with respect. You will take knowledge and skill with you for the rest of your life.

Kempo and Kung fu is the main art taught at Packard's Martial Art. Kempo is the influence of the Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung fu. The Japanese side utilizes the hand strikes, elbows, and low kicks. It has a Jujitsu base (joint locks and throws). The Chinese side has the influence of animal movements that were taught by the monks centuries ago. The art is still taught in the Shaolin Temple to this day. The animal movements teach us how to manipulate the aggressive situation to meet our defensive and offensive needs. Kempo was molded to help us protect ourselves from the "bad guys".

Kung Fu has the foundation of the Black Tiger System and the Preying Mantis. Kung fu class is focused on the traditional movements of open hand forms (no weapons) and weapon forms. Kung fu is a great form of exercise for the body and the mind. It stretches and strengthens. The Black Tiger kung fu focuses on five different animals that were taught in the Shaolin Temple. They are tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and the dragon. Each animal has their own way to move in the wild. The monks studied the moves and applied them for protection.

Scott Packard - Chief Instructor/Owner

33 Years Kempo(Jujitsu, Karate, Kung Fu)

15 Years Black Tiger Kung Fu

28 Years Teaching Students

16 Years Owner/Manager Of A Studio