Q. What kind of martial arts can be learned at Packard's martial Arts?

A. We like to call it "in your face self defense". The ability to adapt and change to match the situation that you are in. In other words if someone comes into our space, we feel comfortable that we can use all our body to use as a weapon. no matter the attack.

Q. What is Kempo?

A. It is a blend of the Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung fu. Karate movements are more direct ,while the kungfu emphasis the redirecting the opponents force.

Q. How is Kempo different from other styles of martial arts

A. To make things clear, every one of the arts are good. What it boils down to is how it is used in a situation, how you train, and how it is taught. Why this art works for me is this, If I am to be in a situation that I have no choice but to use my arts then I want it done quick. no fancy kicks no playing around. Kempo will get you to use your legs realistically. Hit low. Nothing above the waist, unless we hit them then they come down to our waist. anything above the waist we use our hands, forearms, elbow. up-close striking combined with joint locks and throw get the job done. This art is very adaptable with change. Anyone can do this.

Mental Well Being

Q. How can martial arts improve my mental well being?

A. Good question. What is one of the things that stop us from doing anything? Confidence . The ability to take the first step is tough at times. The unknown about the arts. Who is my instructor what is he/she like? etc. Martial arts, with a good teacher can help us to get past the fear of "i can't". All we need is the tools to be taught in the right manner. Martial arts teaches us about ourselves. face our weaknesses and to take charge of who we are.


Q. How can martial arts help me learn discipline?

A. When you walk in the studio, you have taken the first step to discipline. You made a decision to do something to improve your life. We need to look for the rewards to that discipline. Sometimes it might be health, sometimes it will be feeling good about a move, or seeing the results of what we have done. Martial arts is one of those tools to educate us to get past the " I don't want to " stage of our lives. Train the brain to go forward.

Q. Who benefits from learning discipline through the martial arts?

A. Everyone. Discipline is what make us all grow, but why not do it with a good karate studio(dojo), good people and a good teacher

Physical Fitness

Q. Do I need to be physically fit before i can start training in the martial arts?

A. No. Most people that walk in the doors are not in shape. They want to get in shape. Some want to be in better shape. There is a saying that I like to use, martial arts mold to us, we don't mold to the martial arts. In other words, the challenge is we want to get out of it. set goals, strive to get there. Once there, set another one.

Q. How will the martial arts help me to get fit?

A. Stretching, conditioning, strength training are just a few. Whether you are in shape or not, or just trying to lose weight. The exercise always starts with one. No one is going to make fun of you. Everyone that walks in the door knows that they have their own goals to reach, that alone can be a challenge by itself.

Self Defense

Q. Do I need earn a black belt in the martial arts to learn to defend myself?

A. Absolutely not, but the discipline that you learn here will motivate you to practice. Good practice leads to good self defense.

Q. I have been pushed around by others often. Can I learn how to earn respect from those that have picked on me without hurting anyone or earning a reputation as a bully myself?

A. Good question. We try to work on certain rules in our life. At times, the decision to defend ourselves comes to question. Is there a real answer? Maybe. The decision is based on the how we feel at the time of confrontation. How confident are we about ourselves to walk away and not worry what others say. and the self control to not punch them in the mouth. Martial arts can give you other choices, but have the confidence in your ability that you could have trashed that person, but you didn't.


Q. Why or when would want to use a position of offense in a confrontation?

A. When there is nowhere to run, your loved ones are in danger, and you have no other choice. As for why? Who knows what is in a person mind when they want to hurt us. You or them.

Police training

Q. How long has Packard's Martial Arts been training police officers.

A. Over 30 years

Q. As a police officer, how can martial arts training help me enforce the law?

A. We direct the training to match the situation that they deal with on a daily basis

Environmental Awareness

Q. What is environmental awareness?

A. Being cautious about your surroundings. Making decisions to match the feelings that you might have. Example: Got a flat tire in a bad neighborhood. Even if bad things do not happen be ready in case.

Q. How does environmental awareness relate the martial arts?

A. The martial arts gives us the confidence to control fear if we have to be in an environment that is out of our control.

Military Training

Q. What kind of military training is available at Packard's Martial Arts?

A. We teach military on a one on one basis. It is realistic and right to the point. The goal, to survive. Knife play and defense. Hand to hand. The fastest way take people out quietly.

Security Training

Q. Is security Training different than military training?

A. Yes and no. We still teach all the things to get the job done. However, there are rules that have to be followed because of the law. The focus is on being effective with restraint.

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