Here's what some of our members are saying about Packard's Martial Arts

"Having trained with over a dozen instructors across the East Coast and attained multiple black belts, I can't miss the opportunity to say Professor Packard is first rate! I only had the chance to train with him for a summer, but he left a lasting impression. He built on my pre existing knowledge, without prejudice. He truly loves what he does, and cares for his students. Finally, the styles he teaches are versatile, useful for a wide range of people and situations."

- Nathaniel

"My son has been studying at Packard Martial Arts since he was 3.5.  He is almost 8 years old and it has been amazing to watch him grow under the guidance of Master Packard, not only in his karate but also in his character.  He is building confidence in himself that can be applied to other areas of his life.  My son really enjoys his classes as they are the right combination of skill and fun.  Highly professional and highly recommended."

Jennifer Giannettino

Master Packard is one of the premium Martial Arts Instructors in CT. His passion and ability for teaching is without equal. His numerous years of training and experience shows with every class he teaches. If you have the opportunity to learn from Master Packard, please understand just how fortunate you are. There are many Martial Arts schools and Instructors in CT, but few have the wisdom, talent, and ability needed to transform you into a self confident, knowledgeable, and respectful Martial Artist. Master Packard is a true Martial Arts Master


Our son, now age 14, has been a student of Professor Packard’s from the 1st day he opened his dojo in Milford….that was 8 years ago. Packard’s Martial Arts is home. That is how we have always felt here. Professor Packard’s passion for teaching and helping children and adults to improve themselves in whatever it is they seek is his primary focus. This is evident when you speak to him.

We could not imagine a better martial arts, discipline, respect and life lesson teacher than Professor Packard. He has been a part of our son’s upbringing for how to handle himself and how to treat others. As a parent sitting in the waiting room and hearing what Professor Packard says to his students during class, I know our son is continuing to gain valuable lessons he will not forget.

Jay & Wendy Pinto

Dear Master Packard:

This letter is being sent with the highest recommendation with regards to not only your studio but the overall method of teaching and training of the Martial Arts. My son Michael Broccoli has been a student at your Dojo since he was 4 years old, going to class steady for 6 years straight.

Presently, he has attained 4th Degree Junior Black Belt. I write to you because recently, Michael had a situation at school where he was being bullied by a bigger student, and

thanks to your training and Michael’s dedication, he was able to defend himself. Because of this incident, Michael’s self- confidence has increased to the point that he really looks forward to going to class every week. Michael is involved in many other activities outside of school, but my wife and myself make sure that the study of the Martial Arts is primary with all other activities scheduled around his Karate lessons. To be quite honest, enrolling Michael in your studio was the best investment I have made in my son, only second to his private education. I have attended every test Michael had taken towards advancement, and I have to admit, I get tired just watching the testing process. What you teach your students and the manner in which you teach is a testament to not only your outstanding moral character but also how you apply the Martial Arts to everyday life. I feel your teaching methods are an extension of Michael’s home life, which is built around strict discipline and self-defense, with defending yourself to be used as a last resort. I have seen Michael use everything you have taught him every day of his life, and I could not be happier with his progression. I am writing this letter of recommendation in the hopes that you realize how much of a positive impact you and your teaching methods have had on my son. Michael has a confidence and maturity level that truly has been shaped by Packard Martial Arts and I look forward to watching Michael grow at your studio.

Domenic & Cathleen Broccoli

My five year old daughter started with Master Packard four months ago and I have never seen her enjoy an activity more than she does martial arts. Her face is covered in pure joy the entire time she is in class with him.  In fact, she loves it so much that in addition to doing her class three times a week she also asked to add on a private lesson! Master Packard is a true expert at what he does. He is the perfect combination of strict yet silly with this age group.  He sets high expectations and doesn't accept anything but the best from his students.  Yet he does so in such a fun, engaging manner!  I wish I could bottle up the laughter and joy that oozes out of his dojo when the children are in there.  As a parent there is no greater gift than watching your child enjoy something so purely. Master Packard makes a lasting connection with the children and really instills a sense of confidence, respect, and hard work in even his youngest of students! It has been really overwhelming for me to watch the development in my daughter's strength, confidence, and motor skills since beginning with Packard Martial Arts this past fall.  I feel so fortunate to have found a place where my daughter can work on such a tremendous life skill while still having an absolute blast doing so!

-Amy Brenner

"Master Scott Packard is one of the most knowledgeable martial artists in the area (Trust me-I've tried at least four of them for months or years). I got pretty good pretty fast and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The facility was clean and neat, not cluttered, and we never lacked bags or gear."

"I enrolled my two sons Matt, age 10 and Luke, age 7 in Packard's Martial Arts to improve their focus and respect issues, yet got so much more.  I am amazed at their progress and how much they have grown as well as continuing growth in so many aspects of their daily routines at school and with the home life in such a short amount of time.  Master Packard not only teaches Karate for all ages and levels, he also fosters great life lessons such as: Character, Teamwork, Responsibilty and Respect in his students.  He supports his students and their families, I can't thank him enough for providing an environment for these personal attributes to thrive.  The minute you walk into Packard's Martial Arts you have a sense of belonging and acceptance.  It is just a great place to be!"

"When we started at Packard's Martial Arts our family was apprehensive.  This was the third school that we had tried.  Obviously the first two did not impress us nor our kids.  When we first met Scott (Prof. Master Packard), we were impressed with his welcoming attitude, and very suprised by his dignity and humility.  Having just passed a year enrolled my children have made some important changes.  Looking back, thinking about the lessons that I have observed; I've noticed they change for each age group, with more responsibilitys expected as the students progress.  I have always heard that only a master of anything can make the difficult look easy.  Now...I have seen this for myself.  Packard's Martial Arts is the best thing that we have done for our kids."

"John and I started Karate approximately 5 years ago.  Initially, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, along with losing weight and toning my body. While John wanted to go into Law Enforcement.  I walked into several Karate studios and was not well received. When I walked into Packard’s Martial Arts, Professor Packard welcomed us with open arms. Since beginning, I have lost 75lbs and have learned effective ways of protecting oneself that are not too complex.  The most important thing that I have come away with is confidence.  Now, I have the inner strength to do things I never thought were possible. It has helped me both professional and personally. I don’t want to know the person who I would have become without the Martial Arts. It has changed my life for the best! Professor Packard has both pushed us to our limits and inspired us to keep going.  I assist Professor Packard in teaching, which I fully enjoy. John and I are now a 1st degree Black belt, also known as Shodan, and will continue to progress in the Martial Arts. 

- John and Caitlin (Vignola) Demore. "

"Two years ago our son joined PACKARD'S MARTIAL ARTS when his Karate school closed. We wanted a school that he could grow with and an instructor he could respect and look up to. The impact Master Scott Packard has had on my son is tremendous. We have watched our son grow in his art and in his daily life. Most of all, his dedication to his dojo is nothing shot of inspiring.

- Jason and Nicole Ebert "

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